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Office Fit Out & Refurbishment

A full fit out/refurbishment product delivered to your requirements, from the simple yet effective application of a new paint scheme right through to the deconstruction and re-erecting of new partitions and suspended ceilings to fit your vision and needs.

Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings come in a range of styles and delivery a range of benefits by harnessing their acoustics quality’s by acting as a sound barrier between meeting rooms and busy work areas i.e. call centres, by absorbing noise and creating an acoustic void above them. They also offer the opportunity for a range of lighting that fits into the grid. including an eco-friendly PIR (Passive infrared senser) system for automated light control. as well as giving the option to control air-condition output into specific rooms an advantage for larger rooms or temperature sensitive server rooms.

This system also offers a cost-effective method to hide services such as aircon pipework, data cables and keep a dust free environment.

Metal System (Frame)

This product delivers a seamless plasterboard finish ceiling that can be designed to fit your unique requirements, such as a complete ceilings or a perimeter holding lights, projectors and fixed aircon ducts, this system has the benefit providing an optional upgrade for sound, fire proofing and security.

This systems can be married together with suspended ceilings to provide a truly unique design that incorporates design flair and practicality with the two products.

Office Partitions
Office partitions

With a structural frame built from metal stud work and layered over with plaster board we are able to design and fit any design to meet your requirements, these partitions incorporate into our glazed partition systems to construct any design made to measure, creating a bespoke vision.

With the full range of options available that all have unique quality’s we offer you a choice of partitions and advice to meet your needs, from the increasingly desirable new York style critical glass partitions that deliver a high impact and visual way of dividing your office space, too floor to ceiling solid glass partitions and doors, coming in single and double glazed build designs to meet your requirements.

Joinery and Carpentry

From kitchens to doors our team is here to fulfil your needs and vision We can deliver kitchen designs in a range of colours and worktops from any of the major suppliers to fit your needs, from simple break rooms providing cupboards and sinks to a full arrangement of fitted appliances and standalone islands to maximise your space. We are able to provide and fit a bespoke range of doors, including colour, size and vision panels. Our range of designs can be fitted to either timber door frames or ally wrap around frames to fit your needs. We can also advise as to meeting building regulations such as fitting fire rated doors.


What We Offer

Design & Planning

With our company director operating within the industry for over 30 years. We aim to design the vision and aspirations you have for your interior space. With a wide range of products and options on the market we can work along side you to create floor plans, to give you the greatest idea of what your space will look like.

Custom Solutions

With every space and its requirements being different, we aim to meet the needs of the clients and their designs. Our previous projects have accommodated many different client’s needs, our goals are to meet your requirements. Please check our portfolio for examples of our works.

Furniture & Decor

With our company’s range of contacts we are able to deliver and install a wide range of furniture and fittings to aid in fulfilling your vision of the perfect work space